2010 Sophia L. Gokey Scholarship Recipient Announced


Kevin Robert Johnson
Rock Island, IL

We are proud to introduce Kevin R. Johnson as our 2010 recipient of the Sophia L. Gokey annual college scholarship.

Enduring numerous surgeries and procedures, as a result of a congenital heart condition, has not stopped Kevin Johnson. Instead, it has spearheaded his desire to appreciate the life he has, develop an interest in the biomedical field and to demonstrate a compassion for children experiencing the stress and boredom of hospitalization.

Kevin developed “Treats for Trinity Pediatrics” a project at Trinity Medical Center to provide toys, music and CD players for the hospital’s pediatric wing. His empathy for kids in hospitals is real and honest from his own recovery from multiple corrective heart surgeries. As a result of his experiences he has developed a passion for the bio medical field and he is currently enrolled at the University of Iowa. He is studying biomedical engineering. Kevin is a graduate of Rock Island High School, where he was recognized as an Illinois State Scholar.

The Sophia L. Gokey Scholarship was established in 2009 to honor students that persevere through a significant roadblock, setback or challenge. In spite of their circumstances they are committed to their dream, excel in school and also choose to get involved to make their communities better.

To apply for a 2011 scholarship, please click the link below to download an application.

2011 Sophia L. Gokey Scholarship Application

The deadline to apply is June 30th, 2011.

Sophia’s Heart was inspired by the life of an extraordinary woman whose love of children overflowed and touched the lives of countless others. Sophia Gokey was a compassionate woman who, despite her heart condition, remained full of optimism, energy and selflessness.