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Sophia’s Heart Announcement


Since inception, Sophia's Heart has assisted over 250 homeless families and over 500 music and arts loving children begin to reach their dreams and change their lives.  We've been truly blessed to be a part of their lives and watch them succeed!

However, Founder, Danny Gokey, has had a long standing vision to extend our efforts beyond what we have currently been doing.  So, in order to be a light to a larger number of people, Sophia’s Heart will be transitioning from a housing facility into a community support organization.  This new non-profit organization will be called Better Than I Found It with the goal of making the world a better place using love as our driver.  We’ll be working to impact causes or organizations with dreams and goals of serving those in need in their communities, both nationally & internationally.  Our mission is to come alongside them with a helping hand to allow them to exponentially reach those they serve.   Find out more about this new chapter at