Sophia’s Heart After School Music and Arts Program serves youth in grades 6th – 12th grade by providing a community where creativity and leadership thrive. The program provides the proper ingredients for youth to succeed in the performance realm and motivates them to succeed in school and ultimately in their futures. They are given a unique opportunity to explore and develop their artistic talents using the power of music as vehicle to bring diverse backgrounds together and foster creative expression. Every aspect of the program is student led in order to maximize interest and build self-confidence in a safe environment.

The program is free to join and transportation assistance is available to all participants. Students meet five-times per week during the academic year and during the summer. Performance and production opportunities are provided on an ongoing basis to allow participants to showcase skills and occasionally require additional participation hours.


Students engage in performance using appropriate Top Billboard Pop Songs. Music is selected based on its’ positive message and entertainment appeal to audiences and singers, maintaining age appropriate lyrics and musical practicality for a singing group. Every aspect of planning performances is student lead, from the song choices to dance choreography in order to provide students a platform to develop their leadership skills and engage their interest. Students commit to rehearsals, contribute to creating vocals, and choreography, all used for performance opportunities at various local and national events and venues.



The Video and Audio Recording portion of the program allows students to engage in a hands-on exploration of the ‘other side’ of the music industry such as film and production, photography, editing, and video recording. Students work together in coordinating video scripts, setting scenes, recording performances, and learning unique techniques using studio quality equipment and software that will prepare them for future career choices.


About the AV Students?

My name is Imahni Williams and I attended Golda Meir High School. Growing up, I was always into the arts. One minute I wanted to be a dancer, the next week a singer, and the next week I wanted to be the next Picasso.
The major thing I improved in was skill. Coming into the internship, I had barely ever used a professional camera. I knew what it was and how to take pictures but I never really knew, or understood what it takes to take a good photo.
I honestly feel like this opportunity has helped me shape as a student. I learned a new skill and I met some amazing people along the way.
My name is Brittney Stelzl and at a young age I knew I had a great interest in the arts. More specifically photography and art. I was born in 2000 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My most influential artist is Frida Kahlo. I feel most influenced in photography by Annie Leibovitz. Even though they have different talents they both give you emotion and stories through their work.
Hi my name is Armani Howard. Coming into this internship has taught me a lot of things. It has created a lot of opportunity for me as a student. To see through the camera has given me things that I will remember 20 years from now. My biggest achievement is be ability to try new things and not be so picky. The program has made me see things that I never have before and I am thankful for that.
My name is Yer Thao. I am 16yrs old. I started the AV Internship in June. My biggest challenge coming into the internship was actually being behind the camera instead of in front. This was the first time I was responsible of taking the pictures and this was scary for me. My instructor really helped with getting me comfortable with the cameras an artist. The opportunity with the internship has  helped me by creating a space where I can be more creative. It has also helped on a personal level with communication, taking instructions and interacting with my peers. I am thankful for the growth it has given me.
My name is Zion Hagler, I am 16 years and I started my internship on June 7th. Personally this has helped me open up to people. It has also improved my work with a camera, I didn’t know anything about aperture or ISO. This internship is a steady learning program that teaches you about camera functions and creating websites. I feel as I have grown to the point where I can confidently pursue a future in the creative design field.

Why technology is important?

When technology is available in the classroom, students have access to the most up-to-date information quicker and easier. Technology helps the teachers prepare students for the real world environment. Our nation is becoming increasingly technology dependent therefore integrating technology into the classroom allows diversity in learning styles. A program like this will help prepare students for their future careers, which will include the use of technology.

What Are The AV Students Saying About The Summer Internship Program?

The opportunity of AV has helped us all. We were given hands on lessons. We even got to capture shots of events. The experience has really prepared for the next steps of the photography profession. We’re able to learn more about ourselves while learning about the camera.
The more we learned…the better we improved on our skills. We learned to take different types of shots and the technical language of each. The staff was supportive, even if we messed up we knew we would get feedback and perfect it sooner or later…and the feeling was amazing. When you see yourself doing good in something that you love some much, you just feel on top of the world and you and the camera become inseparable.
Our passion will only grow from here and get bigger. The internship has allowed us to connect with the Milwaukee community and we’ve captured moments that can never be created again.
The camera is like magic and we are all photography magicians. Our magic, just like the pictures… will last for eternity.
___ 2016 Summer AV Internship Team

tech phototech photo 2


The Sophia’s Heart Dance Studio allows students to perfect dance concepts through improvisation using their imagination. The engage in creative form, not only to strengthen their physical development, but to encourage cognitive, social and emotional growth. In this program students build their dance vocabulary, and techniques and study choreography in detail. The leadership approach used inspires students to communicate their ideas in new ways.



Students are provided support in completing academic assignments in a stress-free area. The lab is equipped with tutors from local universities and volunteers who have degrees in various subjects. PCs and printers are also available for students to use for completing assignments. Students work on school work for an agreed-upon period of time, then rotate out to music and arts programs to engage with other students. There is no charge for the service. Students are required to spend at least two days per week in the Homework Lab in order to participate in performances and off-site projects.


Are you interested in joining Sophia’s Heart Music and Arts Program? We are now enrolling in all programs. Enrollment is FREE and open to all 6th-12th grade Milwaukee students. Contact us at (720) 508-9996 or by email at for more information.

Auditions for the Music Troupe are held each Monday and Wednesday from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

Auditions for the dance program are held each Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

Want to Join AV?
Interested in joining our audio and video recording team? Contact us at (414) 759-5989 or email us at  for more information.

Book a Performance

Interested in booking the Sophia’s Heart Music Troupe or Dance Group for an upcoming event, please contact us at (720) 508-9996 or by email at


Music is a universal language that nearly everyone can share and enjoy. Not only does music enrich our lives, there is sound evidence that music education can have a positive effect on cognitive, social and emotional development on the lives of our youth.

Unfortunately, many schools today, especially those in inner cities, are eliminating music and arts programs from their budgets. Sophia’s Heart recognizes the impact these programs can have and wants to offer Milwaukee youth the enrichment they lack in school or at home.

Take a look at some of the positive effects a music and arts education can offer:

  • Students learn to improve their work
  • Students develop a sense of achievement
  • Students stay engaged in school
  • Students learn to be successful
  • Students are less likely to become involved in substance abuse
  • Students develop empathy towards others
  • Students develop a higher sense of self-esteem
  • Students learn how to discipline themselves
  • Students develop creativity
  • Students learn teamwork

Additionally, providing after-school programming keeps our students involved in constructive, productive activities, especially if one or both parents are still at work. Partner with Sophia’s Heart to provide Milwaukee youth the enrichment and support they need.