Nashville News- May 2014

Sophia’s Heart Volunteer Coordinator Talks at Vandy

Our own volunteer director, Leah Lowrance, recently participated in a panel discussion at Vanderbilt University on how volunteerism affects communities in America. Lowrance was sought out to participate in the discussion as a result of her own extensive knowledge about  the topic.  Lowrance says that it’s important to volunteer because it changes lives for the volunteer as well as the overall community.  “Volunteering provides a feeling of belonging, an overall sense of personal fulfillment, and opportunities for personal development.  Volunteers are contributors that get to leave their mark on the community,” says Lowrance.

Vanderbilt student, Morgan Pinkerton, has been serving as an intern at Sophia’s Heart for the past 4 months as a volunteer administrative assistant.  As a result of her internship, Pinkerton has been inspired to become a Live-In-Volunteer with the organization.  If you would like to volunteer, contact Leah Lowrance at volunteer@sophiasheart.org.

Fargo Loves Sophia’s Heart

Several employees of Wells Fargo Bank recently visited Sophia’s Heart and they left behind a little gift.  The Wells Fargo mascot was donated to the facility to go in the soon to be renovated playroom.  The staff and families all got a chance to guess at names for the new resident.  After over 30 submissions, the group settled on “Fargo,” in honor of the donor.  Once Fargo is placed in the new playroom, he’ll get plenty of attention from the children.

Sophia’s Heart Kid Store Open for Business

 The Sophia’s Heart Store is officially open for business.  A variety of donated toys, books, nicknacks and other items can be purchased from the store using Sophia’s Heart Bucks.  These special bucks can be earned when a child displays positive behavior and actions, which includes being generous to friends or getting good grades on a report card.  With the help of Tammy Atkins, Connie Davis, Patti Powell, the Oasis Life Group, five other visiting volunteer groups, our very own Live In Volunteers and residents, the store was a lovely addition to the facility.  “I felt honored that the kids have something special,” Brittney, Live In Volunteer, replied about the store.  “It didn’t even feel like we were at Sophia’s Heart.  It looks like a legit store!” says Brittney. 

The first trip to the store was full of amazement for the kids.  Escorted by SH volunteers, Jack and Mandy, each child was able to go in one at a time and pick out whatever the bucks could buy them.  “I was excited when I saw the toys,” says Jazmine, age 8.  “It felt good knowing that I can get this stuff for behaving.”Armando, age 8 explained how he earned a buck by sharing with his siblings and not running in the hallways.  “It was awesome going into the store,” he said.  “It was cool”. Everyone is excited and pleased with the completed project, especially volunteers Jack and Mandy. “It was super fun and exciting to see something the kids can work towards,” says Mandy. —Story written by Janthina (SH resident).

Sophia’s Heart Residents Featured in Tennessean

Several of Sophia’s Heart residents were recently featured in a Tennessean news blog.  The news blog was about the importance of voting.  Several SH residents gave their opinion about the topic during a recent voter registration drive at the facility.  To see what the residents had to say visit: http://www.tennessean.com/story/news/politics/2014/04/16/raise-voice-vote/7758387/