Sophia’s Heart Resident Testimonials

Sophia’s Heart Testimonials

Eugenia (5 children) Age: 29, Female

  • Story: I got evicted and me and my 5 kids stayed at the Mission for 3 weeks. I just got deeper and deeper in debt, and I couldn’t pay my bills even with a full time job.
  • How Sophia’s Heart has Helped:  I’ve been able to pay off 3 of my debts since being at Sophia’s Heart. The “inspire” nights helped me feel like I had hope for the future and it wasn’t the end of the world. Now I feel like I have a chance at my dreams coming true. I want to have my own house and never be evicted again.

Collin& Stacey (married, no children) Age: 19, 19

  • Story: We have been homeless since we left Georgia. We lived in Alabama, stayed in the Salvation Army for about a week, and then moved to Nashville. We stayed in the Men/Women Mission for two days. It was one of the worst experiences for us. We stayed in our truck for two months without proper food or showers. We tried to get into other married shelters but were unable to get in. The Salvation Army referred us to Sophia’s Heart.
  • How Sophia’s Heart has helped:  First they put a roof over our head, a daily meal, and daily showers. They are providing classes that help us with everyday life skills, budgeting and helping us save money.

Subrena (one child) Age: 22

  • Story: I’ve been living in the USA for about 2 years now. I’m originally from Jamaica. I have one daughter she is my one and only. I’m currently separated from my husband. I moved out 3 months ago and I didn’t have anywhere to go, because I couldn’t afford to go rent a place. So I was staying with my church family until I heard about Sophia’s Heart. I’m just trying to get back on my feet.
  • How Sophia’s Heart has helped: Sophia’s heart has helped me by putting a roof over my head. They helped me to stay encouraged.

Stephanie (one child), Age: 30

  • Story: I have been homeless for about 2 years. No matter how hard we would try we could never get ahead. Trying to come up with first, last and security deposit was a hard thing to come by. So we are fortunate now to be here, where we can have the opportunity to get ahead, save money and have a future. I didn’t come from much support from my mother, which was my main family. She was very verbally abusive, and non-supportive.  She took me in the wrong direction and gave me a negative view on life.
  • How Sophia’s Heart has helped: Since I’ve been at Sophia’s Heart I am happy to be past many obstacles, and now I know that some things will not change until I change them. I’m learning to be strong and to choose happiness no matter what!!

Jada (one child), Age: 35

  • Story: My daughter and I moved to Tennessee in 2011.  We moved in with my brother and his wife. We are originally from Oklahoma City. My mom passed away 3 years ago and we did not have any other family in Oklahoma, so we came here to be with family. Soon after moving here my brother lost his job, then the home we were living in.  Again we were homeless.  I heard about Sophia’s Heart through a good friend of a woman I went to church with. The day she received my information, she called me and she had toured Sophia’s Heart that same day. She told me the background of how the organization started. She gave me the contact information for Sophia’s Heart and we moved in on September 21, 2012. I am currently in school, studying to receive my bachelors of science in psychology. I want to work with people who suffer from substance abuse, children who suffer from bullying and abuse, teen suicide. I want to be a able to help others the way Sophia’s Heart has helped me.
  • How Sophia’s Heart has helped: I am blessed to have found Sophia’s Heart and to have found people who have believed in us from the start.  Even when I didn’t believe in myself. The people at Sophia’s Heart have showed us LOVE when I believed we couldn’t be loved. I am eternally grateful for Sophia’s Heart.

Anissa (two children), Age: 20

  • Story: I recently moved to Nashville from Wisconsin. Things became really hard for me after the death of my parents. I moved here because I thought I was going to get help getting back on my feet. I was evicted out of my apartment back in July, so at the time my brother and sister-n-law paid for me to come to Nashville then later abandoned me when I had my son. I was staying at the Nashville Rescue Mission for about two months, but by the grace of God I’m here.
  • How Sophia’s Heart has helped: I am seeking to be helped with my inner self, to learn how to be more self-confident, and to be a great mom. I also want help to get back on my feet and into a stable home. Sophia’s Heart has given me another chance to make things right with myself and my children.

Janthina (one child), Age 24

  • Story:  My daughter and I found ourselves in a bad place in Pittsburgh PA.  I was in a toxic relationship which turned violent and my daughter and I to move to Nashville.  Everything we owned was left behind, as we moved into my parents’ house.  I could not get our lives established while living with my parents.  With no job and living off welfare I became a volunteer at Sophia’s Heart, and soon applied for the program.  Becoming a resident here at Sophia’s Heart has been one of the best decisions I could have made.
  • How Sophia’s Heart has helped:  Being a resident at Sophia’s Heart has allowed me to accomplish so much.  I took care-giving classes at Goodwill Industries and earned a $1,000 scholarship for CMA training and obtained employment with Bordeaux Long Term Care.  I have worked out issues I’ve had with spending money, I’m getting closer to God, and have built relationships with many different kinds of people.  My daughter is more social and gets to spend her weekdays learning and playing with other children now.  She is now potty trained and has grown just as much as I have.  I am grateful for the opportunity I have been given here at Sophia’s Heart.