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Volunteer Opportunities in Nashville, TN and Milwaukee, WI

Join Our Cause and Become a Sophia’s Heart Volunteer:

Step 1. Click on Volunteer Application Waiver & Release Form below and complete the form and our Volunteer Coordinator will email you a volunteer application that you can complete online or return to us vial fax and/or mail.

  • Volunteer Waiver & Release Form (On-line Submittal).
  • Volunteer Application (Fax and/or mail submittal); or
  • Email our Volunteer Coordinator at for more details.

Step 2. An Email confirmation will be sent to you (the perspective volunteer) to confirm that your volunteer information has been successfully submitted and received. Emails sent to the, will be answered within 24 hours by our Volunteer Coordinator.

Step 3. Volunteer Orientation Schedule:


  • Each Tuesday at 6:00 P. M. to 7:00 P.M.
  • Location:  Oasis Church, 7533 Lords Chapel Drive, Nashville, TN  37211

Volunteer Opportunities:

We value our volunteers and their talents. Sophia’s Heart now has opportunities available for everyone at our Nashville and Milwaukee locations. Even better, you don’t have to be local to help us!

We know that everyone has different areas of expertise, so to help you better serve us, we’ve provided a detailed list of volunteer tasks for you to choose from. Once you’ve selected the volunteer task(s) you are interested in email your contact information and the task(s) to . We will then contact you individually with specific instructions and information. Choose your volunteer opportunity from the list of current task need (these volunteer sections to be updated as needed)

  1. Donation of your time, skills or service:
    • Assist with teaching, tutoring, cooking, maintenance and administrative support.
    • Provide skilled property development support
    • Lend a hand in carpentry, land development, electrical, plumbing, lighting, security.
  2. Endorsement: Share our mission with family, friends, and co-workers. Tell them about the positive things that are happening at Sophia’s Heart.
  3. Input: Brainstorm with us. Share your ideas and expertise.
  4. Host a fundraiser: Contact Sophia’s Heart for fundraising guidelines.

On the Nashville Farm, Sophia’s Heart will conduct family and consumer sciences such as financial management, nutrition, sustainable housing and environmental health issues that are now the focus of our community and legislative agenda. In Milwaukee, our Music and Arts Program is designed to build confidence, leadership and foster talent in students ages 11 – 17 years old in a safe environment. All programs and services that strengthen the family are as follows:

  1. Transitional housing services to homeless families: (married couple with/without children, single mothers and fathers with custody of their children):
    • Boarding House – volunteer construction labor
    • Individual Cottages – volunteer construction labor
  2. Children’s music and performing arts program:
    • Music Lessons (multiple instruments) – teachers/ instructors
    • Art Lessons– teachers/ instructors
    • Theater Lessons– teachers/ instructors
    • Dance Lessons – teachers/ instructors
  3. After School Music and Arts:
    • Music
    • Photography, Audio and Video Recording Technology Arts
  4. Medical Clinic (licensed professional medical volunteers):
    • Psychosocial / Physical Health Assessments
    • Psychosocial/ Medical Health Consultations
  5. Therapeutic Counseling (Masters level social workers and sociologist)
    • Group
    • Individual
  6. Concerts: (Producers and Production Managers)
    • Children
    • Adults
    • Professional Artist
    • Outdoor Amphitheater
  7. Education (Coaches):
    • Health / Well Being
    • Finance
    • Educational – (i.e., GED, Continuing Education)
    • Employment
    • Life Skills
    • Spiritual Development
  8. Radio / Television Broadcasting (hand on coaches)
  9. Agricultural activities (Farm Volunteers):
  10. Horse boarding
  11. Equestrian Therapy
  12. Hay Fields
  13. Vegetable Gardens
  14. Flower Gardens
  15. Landscaping
  16. Stock a Fishing Pond
  17. Animal Awareness
  18. Educational Programs in Agriculture and Horticulture
  19. Farm Financial Management
  20. Farm Visits and Consultations
  21. Homeowner Site Visits and Consultations
  22. Master Gardener Program
  23. Junior Master Gardener Program

Volunteer Application Evaluation Information: For those wanting to volunteer a completed volunteer application is required before you can participate in any events. If you have not done so already, download the volunteer application now. For more information on volunteer opportunities please contact We look forward to you helping us become “One Heart Touching Many.”

Click the image to download the volunteer application now.

Your Help Will Make a Lasting Impact

Although Sophia’s Heart programs are not yet established in every state, we are currently
looking for volunteers nationwide that can help with future events as they arise. For those of
you looking to get plugged in with volunteering for Sophia’s Heart.

Being a volunteer not only leaves a lasting impact on those receiving the services, but, it also
leaves an impact on the volunteers themselves.


Ambassadors -Sophia’s Heart Recruiter

Ambassadors are Sophia’s Heart Recruiters who are friendly people that’s great at networking! Our ambassadors really get the heart of what we do and why we do it, and are good at communicating that to others. Ambassadors can do most of their work offsite. We look for our Ambassadors to make connections with area churches, businesses and other non-profit groups, informing them about Sophia’s Heart and recruiting volunteers to staff our need for volunteers on a monthly basis. These connections can be made by phone, email, social media and in person. A Sophia’s Heart Recruiter is an ambassador to our community and is willing and able to make group presentations, give volunteer orientations and tours of our facility.

We ask for 4-8 hours of volunteer time per week. Most of which is offsite at your convenience.

In-Kind Donations Team

Volunteers on the donations team are vital to what we do here at Sophia's Heart. These volunteers reach out to businesses and individuals through phone, email and personal meetings to ask for the donation or discount of everything from paper plates to play ground equipment. This is an offsite volunteer opportunity and is perfect for stay at home moms wanting to get involved, who can make calls during nap time. Our list of needs grows with every family that we add to our program.

We ask for 4-8 hours of volunteer time per week. Most of which is offsite at your convenience.

Graphic Design

Sophia’s Heart has a need for many small design projects such as e-vites, informational pieces and reporters for our newsletters. There’s always something to work on, and not quite enough hands to do it. These projects could be worked on from our facility or in the comfort of your own home! Time is very flexible. A sample of your design work must be submitted. The final challenge in this area is being able and willing to teach a child your craft.

Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinators are usually connected to large groups of people, such as a life group leader, a church volunteer leader or a band/worship leader. They will act as our liaison to their particular group. Volunteer Coordinators, coordinate their particular group’s activities. This saves time by allowing us to contact one person instead of 50. This person also will be responsible for collecting volunteer applications from their group, giving volunteer orientations, sharing information and managing projects assigned to their group

Visual Media

We are looking for individuals who have experience with programs like Media Shout and Power Point to help us set up and run visual media for various programs and events. Most events take place in the evening.

Shifts are available the first and third Thursdays of each month 5:30 P.M. – 9 P.M. as well as special event dates.

Video Operations

Sophia’s Heart has an ever expanding need for video. We want to document as much of what’s going on as we can. This includes everything from our classes, family testimonies, special events, volunteer activities and the development of our farm. Some experience is needed, and our video equipment is limited, so any equipment you have personally would be a great help.

Contact our Volunteer Director for more details on time.

Video Editing

As we are documenting more and more of the events occurring at Sophia’s Heart, and as family’s testimonies change, we are gathering lots of footage that needs to be labeled, stored, and also edited into usable marketing material. We are looking for qualified individuals to help us do this.

Time is flexible, on and off site opportunities available.


Sophia’s Heart likes to keep good record of all the activity going on. Multiple photographers are needed to capture our events and families. Everything from portrait style photography to action shots are needed.

Time depends on event dates.


Sophia’s Heart started with music and arts, and will always have a big musical involvement. Musicians can help volunteer in several areas. Twice a month we have music at our “Inspire” events for our families. Also, we have several special events throughout the year where musicians are needed as well as helping to instruct our kids in our music and arts program! The dates of the respective events will determine the times these volunteers are needed. Musicians must attend a brief audition or submit letters of recommendation.

Opportunities available 1st and 3rd Thursdays 6-9PM, and special events


Sophia’s Heart has over 20 computers in use on any given day, as well as a network that is in need of expansion. We are looking for qualified people to give their time during office hours to assist staff with computer problems and IT projects.

Opportunities are available daily, weekly, monthly M-F 8 A.M. – 8 P.M.

Audio Tech

With about 6 special events per month, involving music and/or speaking, Sophia’s Heart needs some experienced Audio Techs to run our sound system. These volunteers also need to be able to help set up and tear down equipment when necessary. Our event needs range from a single mic to full band. Sophia’s Heart does have a sound system onsite.

Shifts are available 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month from 5:30 P.M.- 9 P.M.

Mentor for Children

After a family has been at Sophia’s Heart for 3 months, we assign mentors not only to the adults but to the children as well. This person has a big heart for children, and can connect with them one on one. We are looking for volunteers to give personal, individual attention to our children and provide them with an ear to listen, and someone who will encourage them in their gifts and dreams. This person will be able to take the child off site on field trips with the parent’s permission. This volunteer will also have a very good relationship with the child’s parent.

Volunteer opportunities available bi-weekly or monthly.

Kids Program Assistant

We are currently developing our capacity to start an after school program in the area of music and performing arts for children. At capacity, Sophia’s Heart can serve up to 150 children at any given time depending on the availability of kid program assistant and teachers in music and the arts. We need a small army to make creative, innovative and imaginative programs work for our kids! This will require a minimum of 10-15 people per program event, or 100 people per week! These volunteers will help carry out the pre-determined programs. This could involve anything from art and music to stage production, video production, sports or educational activities. We need committed volunteers who are excited about helping our kids open their minds, dream big, and equip them with the tools needed to fulfill their destiny.

Currently volunteer opportunities are available M-W 6:30 P.M.- 8:30 P.M. Fri 6-9 P.M. and occasional weekend opportunities for special events.

Program Teachers

At Sophia’s Heart we are teaching families how to get out of the situations they found themselves in, and also to rise above the places they’ve been before. We are expanding their horizons and challenging them to grow. We provide mandatory core classes that include practical things like life skills, job readiness, and financial planning. We also provide customized programming, such as GED prep referral, etc. We need program teachers to teach our families how to fish.


We are looking for volunteers who have a heart to walk with our families one on one through their transition. Mentors are assigned to each adult after they have been in our program for a period of three months. Mentors keep our adults encouraged and are an example to them of how to make good choices and live a balanced, successful life. These volunteers have the unique opportunity to sign on for a year of mentoring, follow a family through the bulk of our program and then help them make the tricky transition back out into the mainstream of society. This is a vital part of our aftercare program, helping families stay on track.

Mentors usually touch base once a week with their families, by phone and face to face monthly sit down.

Special Project Managers

With all the work going on at Sophia’s Heart, we need some extra leaders to help manage these projects. (refer to special project groups) These volunteers at times may be assigned a small project they can complete on their own, or be assigned to lead a group of volunteers. This manager would be responsible for seeing a project through from beginning to end. What’s great about this position is that it really fits into your schedule. A project will be presented to you, and you will have the option of accepting the challenge or passing, depending on your schedule and your knowledge and/or skill set for the particular job.

Times available Mon –Sat 8 A.M.- 9 P.M.

Special Project Groups

There is a never ending list of special projects at Sophia’s Heart. We are currently developing a master site plan for a 59-acre farm with residential space, programming space, volunteer housing, barns, outdoor kitchen, community space, trails for horseback riding, bike trail, walk trails, community gardens and much, much more. Something always needs to be done on a farm. So gather your passion and become a special projects volunteer. Group volunteers are highly encouraged. Church groups, schools and business alike have all found Sophia’s Heart to be a worthwhile investment of their time, energy and human resources. It’s a rewarding experience for all. Groups as small as 3 or as large as 150, have volunteered with us previously. We have something for everyone!

Times available Mon –Sat 8A.M.- 9 P.M.


The general handy man list is quite long for a 59-acre farm. We are building a team of volunteers that would afford us the ability to have at least 1 maintenance person on hand every day! Maintenance items include a range of tasks from loose doorknobs and blown light bulbs to general plumbing and electrical work. Some basic tools are available, but we encourage you to bring your own. Reliable maintenance volunteer will help us keep our repair and replacement cost down and prolong the life of the new building(s) that we will build on the property.

Shifts are available daily, weekly, or monthly between 8 A.M. – 9 P.M.


With the purchase of our new home (a 59-acre farm) to maintain, our job is never done. Though our residents have daily and weekly housekeeping tasks, we are still in need of more hands to help cover the finer details of housekeeping. Tasks include floors, windows, bathrooms, etc. as well as some organizational duties. Housekeepers will also help prepare rooms for new families, and place welcome baskets. Walking into a clean and welcoming atmosphere is one of the first and often most impactful gifts we can give our families. Quality volunteers and consistency will help us keep our home in tip top shape.

Shifts are available daily, weekly or monthly between 8 A.M. – 9 P.M.


Maintaining our grounds is not only important for safety and codes regulations, but it is also the first and sometimes only impression the community has of Sophia’s Heart. Potential volunteer, donors and sponsors may never step inside our walls to see the excellent suites our residents abide in or the stellar programming that we are providing weekly. We want the outside of our facility to reflect what’s going on inside our building. To do this we need to develop a team of regular volunteers who are committed to helping us achieve our goal. This includes yard work, tree trimming, painting, trash pickup, installing fences, clearing walking trails and maintain the overall appearance of the ground of our 59-acre farm. As long as the sun is up and it’s not raining, you can help!

Opportunities available 7 days a week during daylight hours, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Office Assistants

As we enter this new season, we have to build our capacity to assist staff with the supports needed to serve more homeless families. We need volunteers to assist staff with various administrative tasks. Our staff have various office hours because the families that Sophia’s Heart serve work full time jobs. We have to provide programming during the hours that our families are available. Which means, volunteer opportunities are NOT just M-F, 9-5. Evening hours are often helpful. Even 2 hours a week can make a big difference to our staff.

Hours available weekly, bi-weekly or monthly M-F 8 A.M. -11 P.M.

L.I.V. (Live in Volunteer)

LIV’s are live-in volunteers. These volunteers commit to one to six months. During this time, the LIV may hold a part time job off site or attend college, but is available to the rest of the time to help with the daily operations of our program. LIV’s work very closely with our staff and residents. They create a bond with the families unlike any other volunteer, by building one-on-one relationship, offering encouragement and teaching life skills. LIV’s are vital in helping our families accomplish their life goals. LIV’s also assist with cleaning, food prep, general maintenance, children’s programming, administrative work as well as a host of other duties. This position is perfect experience for young adults looking to go into ministry, missions work, case management or other non-profit pursuits.

Front Desk

Volunteers working at the front desk are often the first impression visitors have of Sophia’s Heart. This is an extremely important role. We are looking for friendly faces who will greet our guests, donors, residents, staff, volunteers and work crews with a warm and positive attitude. Volunteers will help sign in guests, communicate to staff about arrivals and deliveries as well as perform minor administrative tasks.

Shifts are available daily, weekly or monthly between 7 A.M. – 6 P.M.

Volunteer Voices:

Milwaukee Volunteer of the Month

Bre Collins

Bre Collins has spent years cultivating her musical abilities through writing and recording music. Her heart has always been to touch people in a sincere way. Her creative...
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Being a volunteer not only leaves a lasting impact on the hearts of those receiving our services, but, it also leaves a lasting impact on the volunteers themselves. At Sophia’s Heart we’d like our volunteers to share their experiences (this is not mandatory). In doing so, after each event, volunteers are asked to provide feedback or even a short story about the tasks and/or opportunities they chose to help with. The volunteer should include a picture of themselves or of the people that were impacted (with permission) along with a 500 words or less story about your experience. We will then post some of these stories under our Volunteer’s Voice section on our web site.

Sophia’s Heart Volunteers Share Their Experiences


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